The "Campus Smart drug control and AIDS Prevention" project was launched
Release time 2021-11-25

On November 17, the launching ceremony of the "Campus Smart drug control and AIDS prevention" project was held in Nanning Yifu Primary School. The project was sponsored by the Communist Youth League Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee, organized by Nanning Anti-Drug Association and Nanning Yifu Primary School, and co-organized by Qingxiu District Anti-Drug Committee Office and Guangxi Education Press。

Launch ceremony site


The "Campus Smart Drug Prevention and AIDS Prevention" project is a small funding project for the rule of law publicity and drug prevention and education of Ai youth in Guangxi in 2021,It aims to break the traditional anti-drug and anti-AIDS publicity model,The anti-drug and anti-AIDS publicity is integrated into every corner of campus life in the form of artistic performances, sports competitions and scientific practices,Let students become small anti-drug AIDS volunteers,And actively become "anti-drug anti-AIDS instructor",Dissemination of anti-drug, anti-virus and anti-drug knowledge in different ways,Building a drug-free campus。


Photo taken at the scene


On the same day, Nanning Anti-Drug Office, Qingxiu District Anti-drug Office, Nanning Yifu Primary School, Guangxi Education Press, Nanning Anti-drug Association and other relevant guests and volunteersMore than 30 people attended the launch ceremony。After the launch ceremony, Huang Wenhua, chief of the Propaganda section of the anti-drug detachment of Nanning Public Security Bureau, conducted the "anti-drug teacher backbone training" for the anti-drug and anti-AIDS teachers of Nanning Yifu Primary School, and the anti-drug and anti-AIDS volunteers organized students to carry out student anti-drug and anti-AIDS volunteers' classroom activities。



Anti-drug and anti-AIDS classroom activities


In addition, the guests who participated in the launching ceremony also visited the anti-drug and anti-AIDS book corner of Nanning Yifu Primary School to watch the smart anti-drug series animation and related books launched by Guangxi Education Press。


Guests visit the school book corner