| "Reading Chinese Classics to Build Youth Character" Nanning Secondary Vocational School Poetry Recitation Contest was successfully concluded
Release time 2019-07-01

  Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,June 25, 2019 afternoon,Sponsored by Nanning Vocational Education Center,The final of the Poetry Recitation Contest of Nanning Secondary Vocational Schools, organized by Guangxi Education Press Co., LTD., Nanning Vocational Education Building and Nanning No. 6 Vocational and Technical School, was successfully held in Nanning No. 6 Vocational and Technical School (Xianhu Campus)。Qin Zhiyi, director of Nanning Vocational Education Center, made an opening speech for the competition, and Deng Li, director of the Vocational Division of Nanning Education Bureau, made a summary for the competition。

  The contestants of this competition are all students from secondary vocational schools in Nanning City. The competition consists of the preliminary round, the semi-final and the final。After the selection of the preliminary round and the evaluation of the recitation video in the final round, 22 teams from many secondary vocational schools in Nanning City finally entered the final。In the final, the contestants competed on the same stage, and the contest was broadcast on the network simultaneously, so that more viewers could see the youth style of the students in the secondary vocational schools in Nanning。


  "There is a beautiful place called China, remember, China is my home.。A "Ode to China" is full of the rector's fiery love for the motherland, which resonated with the audience。


  "When young people are wise, the country is wise, when young people are rich, the country is rich, and when young people are strong, the country is strong.。The song "Young China Says" reminds young people to always remember the expectations placed on themselves by the country, and reminds young people to strive for self-improvement and bear in mind the important task of reviving China。


  "Double rabbit side walk, Ann can tell I am male and female.。A "Mulan poem" let a hard-working, kind, resolute and brave, patriotic and loving heroine image leap onto the stage。


  After the contestants' competition, Professor Sui Wen from Guangxi Preschool Teachers College made detailed comments for the competition, and also provided professional recitation guidance, which benefited the participants and the audience。

Guangxi Preschool Teachers College


Professor Sui Wen makes comments


Guangxi Publishing media Group reading promotion Department

Director Ou Jianjun announced the award results

  After the competition, the second team of Ben Campus recitation, the third team of Ben Campus recitation from Nanning No. 3 Vocational and Technical School, and Leng Haonan from Nanning No. 6 Vocational and Technical School won the first prize of this poetry recitation competition。

First prize winners and presenters


  This competition in Nanning secondary vocational schools teachers and students to participate in the enthusiasm is very high, in the 10-day final recitation video network voting, the voting website visits reached 250,000 people。

  This competition aims to guide secondary vocational school students to get close to the Chinese classics, love the language of the motherland, improve the awareness of language standards, and draw nutrition from classic poetry, and establish excellent youth character。The students who participated in the competition generally reflected that their reciting ability and writing appreciation ability had been improved through this competition, and they hope to have more opportunities to participate in similar activities in the future。In the future, Guangxi Education Press will cooperate with Nanning Vocational Education Center to provide more and more meaningful series of reading activities for the majority of secondary vocational students。